By Curtis

Andante mosso is Musicianese for “kind of slow, but then again, not really.” Musicianese is an intolerable bastardization of Italian used by certain ne’er-do-wells to facilitate the dark and slimy craft which, if done well, produces interesting and sometimes even beautiful sounds.

I’m a musician and a composer. I’m also a thinker and a writer. Music is an interest for most people, maybe even a passion. For some far richer and more sensible than I, it’s a weekend hobby. For me, it’s a deliciously consuming way of life. Keeping a blog and nonchalantly surfing the blogs of others is an outlet for me, a way to engage and express myself with words other than allegro, staccato, col legno, una corda, or sotto voce.

This is my second major blog project. I maintained a site called Can’t see the forest for a number of years, through which I made several good friends, learned an awful lot about myself and the wide world, and occasionally wrote something worthwhile. Andante mosso is a different animal, but I hope to continue that basic trend.

I haven’t the foggiest why you’d want to, but you can contact me via e-mail at Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll come back.

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